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In an ideal world, our candidate charter shouldn't exist. That is to say that all recruiters should be professional and uphold high standards. Sadly, as you will no doubt have first hand experience of, many recruiters are anything but professional and certainly do not put the candidate interests ahead of their own. At Pegasus we are proud to be different, to be ethical and honest.

If you choose to work with Pegasus, these are our commitments to you:


We will always be timely with our response and any feedback. We know one of the most frustrating things is not hearing back from recruiters - feeling like you are in a black hole. We will always strive to get back to you quickly and even if we don't have any updates, we will still let you know this. 


We will start and end the journey with you. We will advise on every step of the process, from how to put your CV together right through to handing your notice in. We fully appreciate that that moving jobs can be an emotionally challenging time and that often your recruiter is the only person you can confide in. We'll be there for you.

You are in complete control

We will only act upon your instruction. We never send your CV/Resume anywhere without first discussing a client in detail with you and getting your permission to send them your details. We will always treat our interactions with you confidentially and never do anything to knowingly jeopardize your position.


We want to find the right role for you; we will listen to what you are after and only suggest clients that we think are the right fit for you. We want to do a good job, we want you to be happy, we want you to recommend us to friends. This starts by listening to what you want. If we don't have the right thing, again we will be honest and maybe suggest other avenues you can take.

expert advice

All of our principal consultants each have in excess of 15 years experience recruiting in the construction and property sectors; we know our market. We work with the best clients in our market. Our advice will always be on point as well as knowledgeable. 

Honest and ethical

It perhaps seems crazy that we even have to put this, however we know many of you have been let down by recruiters. We will never lie to you (eg. about salaries on offer or the scope of the role) or mis-represent you (we will never say you are something you are not). We will always give you honest feedback, even if it isn't what you want to hear.

human first, recruiter second

Our last commitment hopefully sums up our entire service. We won't sell to you, we won't treat you like a commodity or a transaction. We will treat you like a human. Above all, we want to be able to sleep at night knowing we've done right by you.

We really hope our candidate charter resonates with you. Should these be the commitments you expect from a recruiter, then we would love to take the discussion further and see how we can help you with your next career move. Either click straight to arrange a call, or click to tell us about you.