Meet the Boss: Stephanie Marshall

In this episode, I talk with Stephanie Marshall of Turner and Townsend. In thie great discussion, we talk about;
  • How work hasnt let up for T&T in the North East!
  • The lack of investment in the North East but how that is changing; why the North East is a great place to invest and live
  • How the Universities are helping driving the North East's growth
  • T&T’s North East heritage
  • Possible migration of people to places like the North East whilst working with clients throughout the UK and globally
  • Being a female leader - why is Steph and others are still a minority but also why Steph feels the industry gets a bad press; certainly in T&T, Steph doesn’t feel like the odd one out.
  • Why it’s about pushing the best people regardless of gender or background
  • Why we should all be cheering the construction industry - Steph doesn’t feel she has faced much prejudice in the industry
  • The power of apprentices
  • Why time will hugely improve diversity and inclusion because times are changing
  • The future of agile working
  • Steph’s views on what young people need to do to advance their career quickly
  • The power of great mentors
  • Giving people responsibility early in their career
  • Pushing yourself to say yes and take yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Why a business needs a strategy about talent
  • The future of the QS profession and how tech will play its part
  • How the experience of a grad/trainee in T&T is very different to when Steph started in terms of the tools available to them
  • Removing unproductive stuff to enable the QS to provide proper value to clients
  • The power of shared data
  • How young people will be attracted to tech enabled consultancies
  • Why the industry must adapt to make modular and net zero a reality
  • The challenges of bringing tech to the entire supply chain
  • Power of growth driven mindset
  • The value of learning from leaders in other industries
This is a must listen episode for those who want to get a feel for where the industry is heading and for those who want to advance their career.
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