Episode 65: Should I have a Coach?



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In today's episode, I am joined by Matthew Easton, Matthew is a coach who helps high achieving construction professionals get what they want in their career and life. I first came by Matthew after putting out a bit of a rant / cry for help as the lockdown began in late March. I have found our coaching sessions invaluable in terms of giving me focus over both the short and long term and I do think Matthew could be of help to you! This episode dives into coaching as well as succession planning and leadership.

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I do hope you found this episode of Pegasus Radio useful. As I say in most episodes of Pegasus Radio, I am always open to jumping on a quick zoom call or phone call to answer any questions you may have; either about your career or to discuss your hiring needs. Please do click one of the respective links to book a call in or if you prefer complete the form and I will be in touch to organise a time.