The World is your Oyster as a Quantity Surveyor! Lessons from working in 8 different countries!

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In today’s episode, I am joined by Stephen Gibson.

Steve is a Director of Turner & Townsend, but in this episode, we are talking about where Steve’s career as a Quantity Surveyor has taken him around the world working in eight different countries! This will hopefully show you there is no limits if working internationally appeals to you. In this episode;

  • Don’t confuse what you see on holiday – working in a country is very different.
  • The fundamentals of the job of a quantity surveyor doesn’t change from one country to another.
  • Experiencing the rapid growth in Dubai and lessons learnt.
  • The cultural challenges when you move to countries that doesn’t have a large Ex-Pat community.
  • Why the most challenging country to work in as a QS was the United States, but also the growth of cost management in the US.
  • The need to really do your homework before choosing another country to move and work in.
  • The need of a supportive company when moving internationally
  • Steve’s life and career lessons from his experience of working internationally
  • Timing of when you choose to move internationally in your career

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