Meet the Boss: Yusoff Ghaznavi, MAC Consulting


In the latest episode of the meet the boss series, I am joined by Yusoff Ghaznavi, the Managing Director of MAC Consulting.

I have worked with MAC since their inception. Their business was set up in 2009; a brave time in the middle the Global Financial Crisis, but they have gone from strength to strength. Originally focused entirely in Retail, they have now diversified their business across multiple sectors; both public and private and now with 60 fee earners across UK 6 offices.

Whenever I describe them to a candidate, I always describe them as an ambitious business that doesn't take itself too seriously - hopefully this comes across. In this episode Yusoff talks about how they diversified their sector and service offering; something many similar businesses with an similar original sector focus to MAC have failed to do. We also have a fairly detailed chat about how technology will change the industry, but also how we need to embrace this change including learning from the young talent entering the industry who are to an extent native users of such technology. This is a great chat that I hope you get a lot out of.

To find out more about Yusoff, here is his Linkedin profile:

Or check out Mac's website here:

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