Meet the Boss: Will Savage - Project Focused Consulting 

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In this episode, I speak with Will Savage; Partner at Project Focused Consulting LLP; a small QS and PM consultancy based in West Malling. In this episode;

  • How working on country estates gives a glimpse of what will come into the mainstream residential and commercial sectors in the future
  • Use of deeds of variation to help the client, consultants and contractors to get through these challenging times and live to all fight another day!
  • The power of good working relationships for the whole industry.
  • Why it’s the middle of the commercial office market that will be worst effected going forward
  • Will’s hopes of Brexit being a positive catalyst for the UK Construction market; both workforce and the supply chain.
  • We discuss the need to help junior talent in the industry; both for them and the industry as a whole
  • The need for the industry to embrace green technology
  • The need for both long term and short term career planning
  • Why books about human endeavor and endurance feats influences Will’s business mindset

To find out more about Will, please see his Linkedin profile;

Or check out Project Focused Consulting's website here:

Here is a link to the book Ross recommended;

The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgley


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