Meet the Boss: Simon Light, GHD

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This meet the boss episode is a special one for me; Simon Light was one of the first ten placements that I made when I started my career recruiting in the Construction Consultancy market, and he has arguably gone on to be one of my my most successful hires of all time in terms of his achievements!

  • In this episode you will learn about how Simon's hunger for challenge and adventure so him move from Edinburgh to Leeds to Dubai in the space of 18 months.
  • How he and the senior management team grew EC Harris's Dubai operation from 10 to over 600 people in six years.
  • His lessons of what makes a successful merger / acquisition within consultancy (he has truly been there and got the t-shirt!).
  • His thoughts on the exponential change in technology that is going to effect the construction industry.
  • Why after 18 years, mostly as a Partner, at EC Harris and then Arcadis, did he leave to join GHD.
  • Lastly some of his core career lessons that people should embrace.

This is a great episode packed full on insights; a must listen for young professionals to show you what is capable, but also for anyone in a business undergoing rapid growth and change.

To find out more about Simon, here is his Linkedin profile:

Or check out GHD's website here:

The book Simon recommends is;

No Bullshit Innovation by David Rowan

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