Meet the Boss: Steve Allcoat, Callidus

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In this episode, I chat with Steve Allcoat, five months into his journey as Managing Director of Callidus, a Leeds based multi-discipline consultancy; originally founded as a Health & Safety consultancy, but now much more diverse in it's offering. In this episode you will hear about;

  • How Callidus have actually been operating with a remote team well before Covid and the benefits it has brought
  • How and why Steve was given the MD role in his early 30s and importantly why his previous roles had made him ready to take it on
  • Why Steve believes technology is going to change the industry for the better
  • His career lessons and what he would advise others to do to advance their careers

To find out more about Steve, here is his Linkedin profile:

Or check out Callidus's website here:

The book Steve recommends is;

Shoedog by Phil Knight

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