Meet the Boss: Richard Julian - RJA Consultants 


In this episode I am joined by Richard Julian; who heads a small but rapidly growing consultancy; RJA Consultants, based in Leicester. In this episode;

  • How they have grown significantly in recent years.
  • The value of choosing recession proof sectors.
  • The need for businesses to invest in apprentices and the widening skills gap in the industry.
  • The pros and cons of targeting public sector work.
  • The reality of the slow take up on BIM by the industry.
  • The necessity and growth of the Clerk of Works role and how tech has improved the efficiency of the role.
  • The time benefits of modular build.
  • The value of the maxim of give a busy man a job
  • The value to your career of not chasing the money
  • Why you are never to old to change direction in your career or adapt in your career
  • A key piece of advice for business owners from Warren Buffet

To find out more about Richard, please see his Linkedin profile;

Or check out RJA Consultant's website here:

Here is a link to the book Richard recommended;

The Snowball - Warren Buffett

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