Meet the Boss: Ian Higgs, Buro Four

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In the this episode of Meet the Boss, I am joined by Ian Higgs; Managing Director of Buro Four. This was a very candid and honest interview.. In this episode;  
  • Ian talks openly about the challenges the business has faced over the last few years, but also how they are now on a clear path moving forward.
  • Their strategy to tackle the next twelve months; principally about level of secured fees and not going after certain sectors and projects that are more likely to be underbid by competitors.
  • What will dictate when and if they open new offices.
  • Ian talks about how hiring in the future will change, certainly for Buro Four; with more of a focus on the right leadership skills which may see them recruiting outside of the traditional talent pool. 
By far my , longest chat yet, but with lots of fascinating points; definitely one not to miss listening to.
To find out more about Ian, here is his Linkedin profile:

Or check out Buro Four's website here:

The books Ian recommends is;

The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

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