Diversity and Inclusion with Sharon Slinger

In this episode I was delighted to be joined by Sharon Slinger of Construction Rainbows; a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy focused in the Construction industry. In this episode;
  • Why Sharon, a chartered Quantity Surveyor working for a major contractor decided to make this huge career change.
  • Need to have senior management on board.
  • The main objections around D&I from the industry.
  • The business case for D&I.
  • How Covid has effected D&I.
  • Easy wins / instigation that businesses can make.
  • The need to support middle managers to be good managers.
  • The issue that we have a good number of women who enter the industry but over time that number decreases.
  • The need for management to be strong on this to make the change happen.
  • The need for professional bodies to lead by example.
  • The target and quota debate.
  • The issue of unconscious bias.
  • Extrovert and introvert - how the industry currently favours extroverts.
  • How the digital agenda can be a driver.
  • The need for women to ask for promotion and pay rise

This is a great listen; Sharon clearly has a love for construction and just, like many of us, want it to be better

To find out more about Sunny, please see his Linkedin profile;


Or check out Constructing Rainbow's website here:


Here is a link to the book Sharon recommended;

The Inclusion Imperative by Stephen Frost

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