Help Young People - grow your business


Thank you for your interest in the Government's Kickstart scheme (managed by DWP). Here is a brief overview:

  • The scheme is designed to get young people into the workplace through a six month placement with a business.
  • The Government, through a grant, will fund paying the individual for 25 hours a week on minimum wage (the employer can top this up in terms of both hourly rate and hours per week).
  • The government also pays an initial grant of £1,500 to the employer for each kickstart placement they take on; this is to cover initial set up costs and training costs (full disclosure, Pegasus takes £500 from this to cover our wrap-around support that is detailed at the bottom of the this page)
  • At the end of the six months, you can either opt to offer the individual a permanent position or they can go back into the market, hopefully armed with news skills for prospective employers.
  • For a business to be eligible, it must be a Limited Company or Registered Charity. It must have been trading for at least 12 months and have accounts registered at Companies' House. Lastly, all companies can apply for at least one placement (even businesses of one employee), however beyond this, for every Kickstart placement you propose taking on, you must have 3 permanent staff. So for example, a one person company can take on one, a six person company could take on two, an 18 person company could take on six and so on.

What is our role?


Pegasus is an approved Gateway for the DWP in relation to the Kickstart scheme.  Here is what we provide:

  • We collate sufficient businesses to put in a group application to the DWP.
  • We manage all the communication with the DWP and keep you all informed of the process
  • We ensure you remain compliant throughout the process (there are significant expections on employers to ensure they are using the scheme properly)
  • We provide a detailed wrap around service to enable you to give the young person the best experience as well as remaining compliant throughout (please see the link below regarding our wrap around support)
  • We distribute the grants to you

Next stage

If you are happy to proceed, please click on Apply for Kickstart below. If you have additional questions, our FAQ section may help, or if you have any further questions please do reach out to our Kickstart Manager;

Sinead McKervey

07398 166272