Meet the boss: Gary Fisher



In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Gary Fisher of Mode Consult; a small but growing consultancy offering QS and PM services based out of Bristol. In this episode we discuss;

  • After working for many of the biggest names in the industry, why Gary chose to set up on his own.
  • The Mode Family - how Gary works with a group of other small businesses to support each other to win work.
  • Why Gary feels it is important for the senior management who win the work to be the ones who deliver the work.
  • The danger of silos in larger businesses The time efficiencies that teams/zoom is bringing The Mode Academy.
  • How Gary is trying to develop young talent in the industry How to keep people developing in your business Gary's views on trying to be multi-skilled across more than one discipline.
  • How technology is changing the industry.
  • The WFH discussion.
  • The changing skillset needed in the industry and how the younger generation can help steer that.
  • The challenges of growth The power of social media in building a brand

    Gary would recommend reading Alex Ferguson's book on management.

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