Meet the boss: David shaw

David Shaw profile pic
In this episode I chat with David Shaw of Torridon, and also the current Chairman of RICS Matrics. In this episode we discuss;
  • Why focusing on commercial and resi fit out / refurb is working in their favour by staying niche
  • Plus the need to re-use existing building stock
  • Why David chose to go and work for himself
  • Why it’s not all about growth
  • Plans to expand to 5-6 locations in the UK
  • Focus on investing in tech and how they intend to change the service
  • Future of the QS profession
  • Impact of covid on changing the industry
  • Why BIM hasn’t advanced as quickly as it should
  • Change in Mindset about sustainability
  • What is Matrics and how to get involved
  • The importance of becoming MRICS

For more information on David; please check out his Linkedin profile;

Or Torridon's website;

for more info on Matrics click here

The book David recommended was;

Key Person of Influence by Dan Priestley

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