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In the Episode of MTB, I am joined by David Nash of Laminar Projects, in this episode we discuss;
  • How they have grown rapidly - to over 50 in 3 years and their future growth plans - which are quite impressive!
  • How they have found growth easy simply by doing a good job!
  • How their consultancy business funds their software development business
  • What makes a good planner
  • How they have successfully recruited in a tight market
  • What the industry isn't getting right about adopting digital
  • The danger of looking at the blingy things such as AR rather doing the simple things well.
  • Tackling the fractured supply chain
  • How the construction software market will develop in an increasingly competitive market
  • David’s view on what will change in the industry in 10 years
  • The low cost to entry for tech nowadays
  • The need to adopt and invest in digital skills - both as a company and individual
  • The need for agility and the challenge of having employees who don’t want to embrace the change.
  • The need to transform a culture of a business to make it work - from the very top.
  • David’s view of the future of the Quantity Surveyor - the need to make better use of data to make them much more efficient.
  • How many QSs could start by just becoming an expert on excel.
  • How age is not the barrier to learning digital skills - it’s not the preserve of the young.
  • David’s approach to life and management
  • Why David doesn’t like the word Boss and what makes a good leader.
  • The value of stoic philosophy to life and business
This a must listen! Regular consumers of my content will be aware of my view that the landscape is changing and individuals must embrace the digital changes coming - this will absolutely re-enforce this for you!

David's Linkedin -

Or Laminar Projects website;

The book David recommended was;

Man's search for meaning by Victor E Frankl

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