Is the Associate role the most demanding in the consultancy industry?

 In this epsiode I am delighted to be joined again by Matthew Easton; leadership coach to the construction industry. In this chat, we discuss;
  • Danger of promoting to associate based on time served
  • The challenges Associates face
  • How to work out who is Associate material
  • The need to support with training on people management
  • The importance of senior management supporting middle managers
  • Why the Associate role is probably the hardest role in consultancies
  • The danger of keeping Associates at 100% utilised fee earning - they have no time to be a decent manager
  • Businesses willingness to let people make mistakes to learn
  • The need to listen to feedback within a business
  • Why exit interviews are too late to correct issues
  • Why Good companies end up with bad managers
  • The need to tell your boss if you are unhappy
  • Why businesses need to be better at communicating to their people
  • The danger of burning bridges when people leave a business

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